Sainsbury's Apple Watch App

The challenge
With a successfully performing mobile app, Sainsbury’s wanted to explore other technologies that could be used to assist customers with shopping for the groceries in a quicker, more convenient way.

What we did
This POC came about almost by accident…I was working in the app team alongside two Apprentice Developers, and at the time there was a large piece of complex backend work that needed to be completed, which left the three of us with some time. So we collectively decided to try something a bit new.

We began by deciding which customer journeys would be most beneficial used on an Apple Watch. From here we worked literally side-by-side, with the designers designing flows and screens, and the developers implementing them almost immediately.

Sainsbury's Apple Watch App wireframes
Sainsbury's Apple Watch App wireframes

Testing the concept
In a matter of weeks, we very quickly produced a fully designed and operating Apple Watch App. And as this was still a “mini project” and was not something on the roadmap, we decide to test it with internal colleagues, who both owned an Apple Watch and with those who were new to the technology.

Although we successfully built the app, due to strain on the app’s infrastructure and other technical constraints with the app, it meant the app was sometimes slow and at time unreliable, which would lead to a negative user experience. For this reason it was decided that this would remain a POC and would not be released at this time.

Sainsbury's Apple Watch App UI designs
Sainsbury's Apple Watch App UI designs

What I learnt
Despite the product not being launched, it was a huge learning curve for myself. Due to all other Project Manager’s being caught up in other projects, I was given the opportunity to see what it would be like to manage a (albeit very small) team, a backlog, and regular sprint ceremonies.


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Product Owner


Apple Watch App


Was a proof of concept

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