An independent company working across the South West specialising in professional lawn care treatments and garden services

The idea
In early 2017, Alistair called me with an idea of starting up his own gardening and lawn care company, but apart from having a name in mind, he didn’t know where to start when it came to creating an identity for his brand or even where to start with building his own business.

What I did
After several phone calls and chats over G&T’s, I felt like I understood the sort of business Alistair was looking to create. So we began with creating an identity for Fescue and deciding on a logo. We then spoke about how I would build Fescue a digital presence as well as strategising about what marketing we could do in the areas Alistair wanted to reach. 

So we started with a basic website that Alistair wanted to have little to not maintenance of, and it just be a place people could find out some information about his business. 

Fescue website

I then helped him to set up his social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, which he now fully manages himself and has a reputable following on both. 

Fescue business cards

With Alistair loving the branding I had created, I then went on to design flyers that would posted through peoples letterboxes and advertisements that were put in local magazines and newspapers. And then went on to create a suite of stationary material such as quotes and invoices. And the brand even found itself on the side of vans and on the company t-shirts and jackets.

Fescue clothing
Fescue van


Web Developer


Logo design
Responsive website
Marketing material
Company stationary
Social media

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