Quantem Consulting

An independent construction and property consultancy working across all sectors of the built environment

The goal
To design and build a responsive website that looked fresh and vibrant, and reflected the companies new brand identity.

What I did
The company had already worked with an agency to decide on the new branding. However the new branding had only really been considered from a print perspective and had not been thought about in terms of digital. And so the first thing part of this project was to interpret how the branding would work digitally and to explain to the client what the differences would be.

From here we then spent some time going through the requirements of the new website; considering what elements would be kept from the old site and what new areas were to be introduced. Alongside these initial discussions I also presented a number of different ways the website could be built. There was a desire for the client to have a CMS and to have an easily manageable site, once I had completed the project, and so I presented several different ideas of how we could go about this and what it would cost.

It was decided by the client to go forward with a WordPress site, and I then chose to use Elementor, a renown WordPress page builder and content management system, so the client could easily manage the site once I handed it over.

The outcome
The new website once completed was fully responsive and usable on all devices. It featured more information about the company, showcasing projects they have worked on and in all the different sectors. The site now also has a dedicated area displayed all the Partners of the company along with a short bio from each of them. And also has up-to-date news on what the company is currently doing and an area that highlights the social aspect of the company too, and what their colleagues get up to when they’re away from their desks.

After building the site and getting it live, I then also put together documentation to help the client continue to manage and update the site in the future.


Web Developer


WordPress website using Elementor

Designed & built by me