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The goal
Although when I started at Bó, there were existing persona but they were very sparce and there were lots of different documents holding lots of information about them, and there was no ‘single source of truth’ when referring to the company’s personae. This meant some of the information was conflicting at times and it was difficult for the personae to be used across the company. For this reason there was a need to produce a single, one-pager that clearly illustrated each persona, with “real life” assets that made them easier to understand.

What I did
I collated and ciphered through all the existing information and then worked alongside the data team to validate what we had was accurate and current. 

Bó Persona Spender
Bó Persona Struggler
Bó Persona Builder

How they were used
The personae were shared company wide and were used by multiple teams within the product cycle and the marketing teams.

Spending Budget

The goal
Within the Bó app there was a Spending Budget feature that had existed in the app from the very beginning. It was unclear what the main purpose of the feature was and how useful it was for the users.
The intention was that it should be a tool that allows users budget their spenditure, whilst helping them to save money in manageable timeframes.

What I did
I started by doing an audit of the current feature; analising each step and noting down observations of how it might currently be interpreted and general thoughts from a design perspective.

Spending Budget Analysis

Competitor Analysis

I then put together a competitor analysis, looking at other challenger banks who offered the same or similar features. 

SpendingBudget Competitor Analysis Emma


I worked closely with the data and insights team to start to understand how our users were using the current spending budget feature within the Bó app. This example illustrated the duration of budgets that users tended to set, to help us identify what timeframes would be most useful for our users.

Spending Budget Data Budget Duration


I ran user interviews with a mix of both Bó and non-Bó users. This was done during the pandemic therefore they were run over the phone but this did mean that we managed to speak with participants from across the UK and not just in London, which then allowed us to speak with those from various salary bands and social situations. 

After running the calls, I mapped out highlights of the interviews in an affinity map, which then helped me to put together a research report

Spending Budget Affinity Map

Unfortunately this was as far as the work on this went, due to the app being decommisioned.


Product design
User research


Internal documents
Mobile app


App was decommissioned

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