by NatWest

building PERSONAE

The goal
Although Bó already had personae defined, there were lots of different documents holding lots of information about them, and there was no ‘single source of truth’ when referring to the company personae. This meant some of the information was conflicting at times and it was difficult for the personae to be used across the company. For this reason there was a need to produce a ‘one-pager’ that clearly illustrated each persona, with “real life” assets that made them easier to understand.

What I did
Collated all the information existing information and then I worked alongside the data team to ensure the details being used was accurate and the most current. From here, I then created an on-brand ‘one-pager’ for each persona. These were then shared company wide and were used by multiple teams within the product cycle and the marketing teams.

Bó personae

Spending Budget

The goal
Within the Bó app there was a Spending Budget feature that already existed when I started working on this. But there was a question around what the main purpose of the feature was and useful it actually was for Bó users. 

What I did



Product design
User research


Internal documents
Mobile app


App was decommissioned

Designed & built by me