Park Court Medical Clinic

A clinic in Coventry, that brings together the world of aesthetic medicine and dentistry under one roof

The idea
This journey started back in 2010 with Dr Gill in her living room, with an idea of starting up an aesthetics company. I started to get a feel for what Dr Gill wanted to start and together with our creativity and craziness combined we started to build what then became Park Court Medical Clinic.

What I did
I started by building a brand identity for Park Court Medical Clinic, thinking about the colours that would be used throughout the brand; on flyers, posters, uniforms and used for the clinic decor.

Park Court Medical Clinic leaflets

Once we agreed on a logo, I then started working on a website, and we even created videos used on the website too. I then continued to create business cards, flyers, slideshows shown in the clinic, brochures and banners for aesthetic events.

Park Court Medical Clinic website
Park Court Medical Clinic flyers

I also set up both Facebook and Instagram pages, and trained staff so they could then maintain these pages.

Park Court Medical Clinic events banner


Web Developer


Logo design
WordPress website
Marketing material
Social media

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